Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the last time i cry

23.10.2010 is the last time i cry in this year,,because of movie i saw in television the title is 'taubat nasuha"let me tell you the sinopsis that mke me cry.
This story about broken family.husband is syamizi and her wife is laila. This family had 3 boy and Laila is pregnant with their fourth child.
Syamizi use violence as cane and kick in the face of their children because of its hot-tempered.
Laila is try to remind and advise her, but ignored by Syamizi, but there are times when Laila is also a target Syamizi tempered.
One day, Laila returned after inviting the children return from school. When entering the house, three men had robbed. laila is pregnant, and three children were brutally murdered by criminals.
regret is useless because the demand is the longing for peace in the house of God answered.

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